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Kapara is the loved one for whom you spare no expense. This intimate presence at your table, a cherished guest in your home with whom you share everything in a burst of generosity. That’s how we’ve always thought of you Kapara sheli, and it’s with every breath that we softly convey this feeling “my love, my dear…”

Kapara’s living memory is full of wild dances, crazy laughter, sun-filled dishes, of stories once told from the soothing comfort of felted decors. Everlasting season of bliss, Kapara is the sunrise kiss that ushers the night away, a dawn of blossoming and effevescent new love. But rules haven’t changed, neither has our insatiable desire for celebration and our yearning to reunite, because one single glance is all we need to recognize one another and reignite the spark of our frenzied nights.

More intimate and resolute, Kapara embodies our truest essence – sensible, passionate, and cosmopolitan, much like our native Jerusalem. Under Kapara’s light, dishes, cocktails, confessions and smiles are shared alike through this mantra: “My god, remember that night in Kapara…”